Map Your BYTEs

Post Ingredients

If you are posting the source of every ingredient, you may find it helpful to include the name of the recipe in the category section of each of them.

Get Your Recipe Map

Option A:  Filter the categories by the recipe name

Option B:  Filter by the IDs of each ingredient

  1. Have 2 tabs open of LeelaMaps
  2. In the second tab, select the ingredient
  3. Scroll to the top – in the upper left hand corner
  4. Copy the ID
  5. In the first tab, open the filter panel and paste the ID in Filter by ID
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 until all ingredients are in the filter
Display the Map
  1. Screenshot the recipe map you created
  2. Copy the map’s URL
  3. In a new tab, start a BYTE note
  4. “Insert Photo” using the screenshot
  5. Edit the link and paste the map’s URL
QR CodeS

Filtered Map: found at the bottom of the filter panel

Individual Note Page: found at the bottom of the page

QR codes can be printed or included in content for ease of social sharing.