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Predator: Amazon Deliverer

I have reason to believe that this person is a predator.

Photo or drawing


  1. Sex: male
  2. Name, Nickname and/or Alias: unknown
  3. Estimated Age: 20-40
  4. Height: Average
  5. Weight/Build: lean
  6. Body Modifications: tattoo on calf
  7. Hair Color/Style: was wearing hat
  8. Skin Color/Complexion: tan, Latino
  9. Voice/Accent: American
  10. Words Used: “Get in!”
  11. Clothes: glasses, Amazon deliverer
  12. Vehicle & License Plate: Mercedes Amazon Van, 77O43N2
  13. Who They Preyed Upon: me, woman age 30
  14. Tactics They Used: Tried to order me into his vehicle, then tried to bribe me
  15. Their relationship to this location: probably delivering in nearby neighborhood
Observed Encounters

In 2020, this Amazon delivery driver pulled up from behind me and told me to get in his van. I said no and he said he’d pay me to. I took out my phone to photograph him and fled.

Have you witnessed a person act as a predator?

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15,000 workers on the floor of this mine, thousands are children, to retrieve cobalt used in batteries of cell phones and electric cars.

Top Notch Fruits: JJ’s Fruits

See this week’s fruit!

I am committed to providing you with only the best produce

My name is JJ Czinner. I like fruits and vegetables a lot! and I know they are critical for health and happiness. I’d be pleased to share my love with you – so try me out, order a box or two of sugar mangos, plus all the produce you need for the week, and don’t forget to try my delicious avocados!


Delivery within the circle is a flat fee of $20

You may choose between delivery Thursday Evening 7-9PM or Saturday Morning Between 10AM-12PM

Pickup is also available, potentially any day of the week.

Please feel free to call me anytime: 647 768 3301

What is this?

My guess is that it’s a vacant military bunker from WW2.

What are your thoughts?

Share in the comments!

Want to Visit

Why I want to travel here…

…this looks astounding!

I wonder what we would find out here!

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Free Compost

This is a place where you can deposit & retrieve compost from.


We supplement this compost with grass

Access Instructions

FREE load it yourself, available Mondays-Saturdays. Please call 408.867.9527 for instructions.

Need help loading? $10 per yard ($20 minimum, Monday-Friday only. Call 408.867.9527 to make a loading appointment.


  • Make an Online Appointment
  • Place this vehicle pass on your dash.
  • When you arrive, you can use these directions to the windrow OR follow signage to the Tasting Room (the two-story green building that will be on your left) then call (weekdays only) 408-867-7116 for directions to the windrow.
  • Remember:
    • Your shovels, bags, buckets, etc.
    • The speed limit on the property is 5 mph. PLEASE drive SLOWLY and be mindful of horses and horseback riders!
    • Please do not touch or feed the horses. They are beautiful (and the source of this wonderful compost!), but they are privately owned.



Grown in the cool, clear high desert air at our Bird Flat Ranch near Susanville, California, this hay is of the finest quality. Tim Garrod and his son Luke have 40+ years of experience and are well-known for their high farming standards.

Call our Stables Office for availability, pricing, and appointments to purchase our Grass Hay and Alfalfa Hay: 408-876-9527. Available for pick up only; no delivery.


Please contact the Stables Office for availability, pricing, and an appointment to pick up: 408-867-9527.

Predator: Richard

I have reason to believe that this person is a predator.

Photo or drawing

The drawing depicts an individual.


  1. Sex: Male
  2. Name, Nickname and/or Alias: Richard
  3. Estimated Age: 50
  4. Height: approximately 5’10
  5. Weight/Build: obese, particularly stomach
  6. Body Modifications: none visible
  7. Hair Color/Style: balding, some hair mixed dark/light
  8. Eye Color: brown
  9. Skin Color/Complexion: white, tan
  10. Face: round eyes, big nose, double chin
  11. Voice/Accent: higher pitch American accent, slight speech impediment
  12. Mannerisms: salesman-style approach, preoccupation with how he’s coming across
  13. Who They Preyed Upon: witnessed preying on children male and female children- toddler through prepubescent
  14. Tactics They Used: following children in close proximity, checking if parents are watching him, picking up children without consent, obscuring actions in party environment, pursuing playtime, persistence for 1+ hours
  15. Their relationship to this location: a person recalled that Richard said he lived in Half Moon Bay
Have you witnessed a person act as a predator?

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    Leela Maps Invented 2017

    Hopping between SF Bay Area communal houses, I realized that practically all things could be visualized on a map.